Not Your Usual Kind of Anatomy Book


Just published my first book on Amazon/Kindle books.  It is being offered for free today, September 13, 2015 and tomorrow.  Would love for you to read and review. A small amount of the formatting got messed up on the conversion but will be fixed shortly.  I hope you enjoy the read.


5 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Kind of Anatomy Book

    • Lois, The book is still free today so help yourself. I would love a review if you have the time. I see where you will be at the Peoria IL library. I was born in Peoria and attended St. Bernard’s elementary school. My folks moved to Florida when I was almost 9. Family name was Atkins on my dad’s side and Waca on my mom’s. Thanks for looking at my blog. I’ll return the favor.


      • Shirley, I ordered your book, but all  I have is the Kindle Previewer, for editing my own books, and I don’t think I can open your book or  read it from there. I tried, but I’m getting nothing. Any suggestions?  


      • Sure. Under my book or any book on Amazon, there is a small icon showing that you can download the app to read any of the kindle books on your computers, iPad, Kindles, or phones. Just click on it and it will ask for your email or mobile phone number to send you the link. It also asks if you have different Windows or Mac operation systems. You’ll be reading in minutes. Thanks. Let me know what you think.


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