Photo by Russell Dilley

Traveler, photographer, writer, painter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, nurse, homemaker, friend.  The hats are many. Some are fairly new and some well-worn. All are treasured. My writer’s chapeau is the most recent participant in the Easter parade.  Each day, I  type diligently adding new feathers and ribbons to the hat’s design.  As the hat becomes more glamorous,my hope is that the reading public will  become fans.

I just recently opened my site for public access.  Please do not copy any of my writings and paste  elsewhere on the internet. I submit my stories for publication from time to time and they are considered ” already published”  if they have appeared anywhere on the web except on my personal site.

All the photos I use on this site I have taken myself.  Only the photos of me are not my personal creations.  My wonderful hubby has taken these.

Photo by Russell Dilley

My blog will be titled  ‘Something Old & Something New.’

Let’s get this blog started with a little basic information. I’m the “something old’ referred to in the title. Hopefully, I will be adding a few entertaining “something new” words to this blog on occasion. As a fledgling writer and amateur photographer, I always have plenty to say and lots to shoot (my camera and my mouth, that is). Sooooooooooo, check back often and see what’s new, what’s funny, what’s controversial, what should be in the New Yorker or the National Geographic or what needs to feel the assault of a sledgehammer on the delete button.

Email:  scaravana@juno.com

Photo by Russell Dilley

URL to my photo webpage:   http://www.gypsycaravan.phanfare.com/


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Gypsy!

    – Sure do miss you. (*>*)
    – The site hasn’t gotten any better.
    – Worse, if truth be told.
    – I hang in there for all the folks I’ve become friends with.
    – Also, I’m in 3rd place in novels for the year.
    – If I work hard enough, maybe 2nd–but, I’m not going to worry.
    – Next year, I’m slowing down so I can get a bunch of my work published.
    – Just need last edits, so won’t take long.
    – I’m going to get your book at Amazon.
    – Take care–stay in touch. (*<*)



    • Hey Jax. Congrats on the ranking on FS, if that really means anything. Ha. You and CR Delport on FS were always #1 for novels in my book. I’m glad to be able to write and post as often as I wish without the childish remarks. A hobby does not need to cause stress, that’s for sure. I have 5 books self-published on Amazon now and two more almost ready. I’m not doing anything to promote or sell them, but wanted to preserve them for my friends and family and clean off my hard drives. Ha. The writing is the fun part for me and if someone likes any of them, that is a bonus. Hope you are in a spell of feeling well. Take care of yourself. We are off to Peru in another week and my photography hobby will be in full swing. Miss you.


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