Post Office Trivia

Toting a couple of very heavy packages from the crowded local post office parking lot to the building, my back hurt but the Christmas smile was on my face and the cheer was bubbling inside my veins.


As I approached the automatic doors, a “person in a hurry” rushed past a small woman barely pushing a walker. I waited for the lady with the ninety-degree spine bent over her walker and shuffling at a snail’s pace to precede me through the doors. My face must have registered anger at the woman who had previously pushed past her, along with sadness that she was so bent over and crippled. She turned to me with a smile on her face and said, “Don’t feel bad for me. I just did this playing football.” We both laughed and entered the building.

A younger woman approached and asked if she could help me with my packages. I told her I would be fine, but she insisted and carried them inside and put them on the railing where I would be next in line. We exchanged “Merry Christmas’s”, not “Happy Holidays” or “Greetings of the Season.”


I left the building thinking how great it was not to feel the need to be politically correct anymore and grateful that at age seventy-seven, I could still carry heavy packages, get out and about without a walker or wheelchair and that my spine was still straight. I know, I know, with the boobie and belly “droop and hang” posture, it appears that I’m bent over, but my spine is still in a straight line, folks. Just those aforementioned body parts don’t stand at attention anymore.



Authors Den

I have just signed up with Author’s Den to begin reading, sharing and writing again. I look forward to the interaction with other writers and hope they will read, critique and enjoy some of my work.

Where authors and readers come together!

Two More Books to Go

Photo by Shirley Dilley
Photo by Shirley Dilley

I have two more books to publish on Amazon’s Kindle.  One is ready to publish but I’ll wait a week since I just released my fifth.  The one to be published next week is another short story collection and the last that I am in the process of formatting is a collection of acrostic poetry.  Then I will have published every writing I’ve done that I care to have made public.  Of course, then I’ll be back on the keyboard creating new works and also picking up the paint brushes to get back on track there.  The last couple things I worked on looked like a pre-schooler dropped paint on the floor.

Can’t Believe I Did It

Yes, I did.

It was a huge accomplishment for me.

I have worked trying to build a linking table of contents for my four books on Amazon for three weeks now, with no success.  Even the forums on Kindle Direct Publishing are full of questions or complaints from authors having the same problems.

I conquered Mt. Everest.  I mean, I unlocked the puzzle and created a linking table of contents before I downed some poison in frustration.  I’ve inserted them in the four published books so they will be more navigable going forward, but unfortunately, that doesn’t fix the ones that have already been purchased or obtained free.

I have three other books almost ready for publication so I’m glad to have that problem solved.

Now, just to decide on some titles and covers for the three upcoming publications.

Working Hard.

I have two short story collections and an acrostic poetry book in the works.  Wish me luck.  Then I will have every writing I care about published on Amazon for  my family, friends, and any other interested readers.  Maybe I’ll start promoting some of them then or work on more new creations.  Back to work………


This past week marked a milestone for me.  I finally got around to organizing and formatting two of my books and published them on Kindle.  The big project, however, has been finding and organizing all my writings, scribblings and stories.  Over the past several years, they seem to have spread out over two computers and two external hard-drives.

Some have even been saved with a different title.  Imagine that?

The external hard drive has been like a miracle.  Switching it from one computer to another, I’ve been able to collect all my writings into one place.  Today was spent putting books and book chapters in one file, poetry in another file,  essays in another, and short stories in still another file.

The next step in this massive re-organization is to compile each writing into just one file, either by the latest or best edit, and then title it with only one title.

Alphabetizing is the easy part as the computer will do that for me.  This will be done after each poem, essay, book or chapter, or short story, has only one copy and one title to identify it.

Editing will begin as soon as these steps are completed. I have plans to publish two short story analogies and two books of poetry.  I hope some of the public will read my offerings and enjoy them, but one of the reasons for publishing is to preserve my passion and work for my children and grandchildren.  Hopefully, they’ll want to read some of it someday.  A few of them are already followers of my work and I truly appreciate their applause. We all know your family doesn’t critique, just applaud.  That’s a great motivator, though.  Back to work on the organizing, editing, and publishing.  I’m anxious to get back to the writing.

Reviews on Amazon

Anyone who took advantage of the free book offers of my two new books or the paid purchasers, I would certainly appreciate it if you would leave a review for them on the Amazon site right under the books.  Honest opinions are welcome.  Thank you for reading.  If you enjoyed one or both of the books, I would be honored if you would tell your friends.  Thank you.