Working Hard.

I have two short story collections and an acrostic poetry book in the works.  Wish me luck.  Then I will have every writing I care about published on Amazon for  my family, friends, and any other interested readers.  Maybe I’ll start promoting some of them then or work on more new creations.  Back to work………



This past week marked a milestone for me.  I finally got around to organizing and formatting two of my books and published them on Kindle.  The big project, however, has been finding and organizing all my writings, scribblings and stories.  Over the past several years, they seem to have spread out over two computers and two external hard-drives.

Some have even been saved with a different title.  Imagine that?

The external hard drive has been like a miracle.  Switching it from one computer to another, I’ve been able to collect all my writings into one place.  Today was spent putting books and book chapters in one file, poetry in another file,  essays in another, and short stories in still another file.

The next step in this massive re-organization is to compile each writing into just one file, either by the latest or best edit, and then title it with only one title.

Alphabetizing is the easy part as the computer will do that for me.  This will be done after each poem, essay, book or chapter, or short story, has only one copy and one title to identify it.

Editing will begin as soon as these steps are completed. I have plans to publish two short story analogies and two books of poetry.  I hope some of the public will read my offerings and enjoy them, but one of the reasons for publishing is to preserve my passion and work for my children and grandchildren.  Hopefully, they’ll want to read some of it someday.  A few of them are already followers of my work and I truly appreciate their applause. We all know your family doesn’t critique, just applaud.  That’s a great motivator, though.  Back to work on the organizing, editing, and publishing.  I’m anxious to get back to the writing.

Reviews on Amazon

Anyone who took advantage of the free book offers of my two new books or the paid purchasers, I would certainly appreciate it if you would leave a review for them on the Amazon site right under the books.  Honest opinions are welcome.  Thank you for reading.  If you enjoyed one or both of the books, I would be honored if you would tell your friends.  Thank you.

The Bum


Photo by Shirley Dilley
Photo by Shirley Dilley

Okay, okay. I hear ya. The bum IS a body part. Also named butt, rear end, fanny, fat a**, etc. Oh, right. Fat is not part of the name, even though that’s the way mine is described much too frequently.

First of all, thank you, Lord, for placing mine on the back of my body so I don’t have to suffer with looking at it every time I’m in front of a mirror. It’s bad enough to have the belly blob front and center.

Why do we have this cushion built into the rear and tail (another intended pun) end of our skeleton? Oh, come on, you sports fans. Can you imagine sitting on those hard bleachers and plopping down on them after standing to cheer without a derrierre? Oh, yes, that’s the fancy- schmancy word for our backside. Sporting events tickets would go unsold and teams would fold. If you’ve wondered why more big butt people are the fans, that’s why. They’re built for the bleachers. The athletes are trim and have almost zero bums, so they have to play the sports. They could never survive a couple hours sitting on the hard bleachers. These same broad sports butts delight in being Harley riders. They can easily withstand the hard pounding from the pavement. Low–riding jeans provide a constant showing of this body part on the bikes. So much for soothing eye therapy for drivers following these dudes and dudettes.

A physiological puzzlement on the bum is why is the skin temp there so much colder than elsewhere on your body? Couldn’t find one article on that on the internet. Can you believe it? My educated (stop laughing) guess is that there is just too much skin and blubber there to provide enough 98.6 degree warmed blood to the surface.

Why do little one’s butts get smacked when they are naughty or about to run in the street or touch something hot? Who was the first one to choose that spot? And yet, that very same spot gets a small pinch to show affection or sexual harassment? What gives here, anyway?

This very same area contains the exhaust pipe for the solid waste and odorous emissions coming from the gas-producing factory located within the body.

Another question for the students. Why is there such a long crack on these bottoms? Why is that necessary? What good is it? Is it broken? Is it a new way for those droopy-drawers fellas to salute, say hi, or insult you? Or just a way to check if they’re wearing underwear? Or if it’s clean underwear?

Probably just so we can identify a plumber when we need one. What do you think?